What is Eatick?

Eatick is digital platform for restaurant food menus. we provide real time representation of restaurant food menu with great user experience. Customer can search and explore foods from thousands of restaurants from anywhere, anytime. We provide digital food services to the restaurants at totally free of cost.

What We're Doing

  • Helping customer to discover great food around them.

    We gathers information from every restaurant on a regular basis to ensure our data is fresh. People can rate and review food item, so you have all that you need to find best food.

  • Totally free services to restaurants.

    We provides digital food representation service to the restaurants at totally free of cost. There is no charge for Eatick service.

  • Earning opportunity for restaurants with Eatick.

    We offers not just join with us, but increase your food business with us by all new things and concepts.

Download Our Apps Today!

Eatick is digital makeover of all the services of Restaurants. Enjoy the world of Eatick by downloading our Applications.